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Boating and grilling seem to be the perfect ingredients for a great day out on the water. In fact they really are if you choose the appropriate gear and the right recipes. When it comes to choosing the right grill the main decision you have to make is the fuel type such as the type of installation.

Fuel type

Basically, you can go for charcoal, propane, or electricity. Charcoal grills will provide the traditional smokey flavor which some aficionados will say is a must when preparing your catch of the day. The grills are easy to move and store and are usually on the affordable side. The downside however is the need for dry storage for the charcoal such as dirt. The operation can be rather tricky under windy conditions.

Propane grills are the favorite choice for many boaters as they are clean and easy to operate under windy conditions. They are often regarded as an unsafe option when having a fixed installation on a boat. These safety concerns can easily be addressed by using small disposable bottles and storing them outside.

Electric grills are a clean choice in case you have a strong and stable source of power. They perform very well in windy conditions and can be operated almost anywhere due to the lack of an open flame.

Type of installation

The easiest way of getting started is to go for a freestanding grill, either tabletop or on legs. Apart from that you can connect mounting brackets to the railing or use a rod holder for installing your grill. On some boats fixed installations turn out very nice, in most cases, they are of electric nature.

electric tabletop grill
built in electric grill


If you intend to make preparations on board it makes sense to choose recipes that require a rather limited amount of ingredients. If you go for a day cruise preparing the food at home and only grilling it on the boat can be a good idea. Generally, try to use fresh and local ingredients, seafood of course is a perfect match in case of grilling out on the water. Try to avoid big pieces of meat or fish as long cooking times can be difficult to manage on a boat.

We do hope this little introduction helps a small bit in choosing the right grill for your needs. Stay tuned for some upcoming grill recipes perfectly suitable for boating.

Happy boatgrilling! 💙

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